Who We Are

ART:sync is a dynamic network of international cultural operators, creative practitioners and arts professionals based in South East England; representing a diverse range of cultural, artistic and academic backgrounds.

Our vast talent base incorporates; writers, curators, performers, filmmakers, fine artists, directors, craft artists, graphic designers, actors, aerialists, designers, journalists, choreographers, spoken word artists, illustrators, dramaturgs, musicians, photographers, sound designers, mosaicists, gallerists, creative entrepreneurs, art therapists, producers, consultants, researchers, lecturers, CEOs and more...

Our wide-ranging areas of expertise include; Heritage & Diverstity Awareness | Cultural Leadership | Arts Practice/Administration/Education/Development/Training | Programming | Project Management | Education | Community Outreach | Youth Development | Peer Mentoring | Organisational Development and Strategic Planning.  Please take a look on our 'Members' pages for details of our network.


What We Do

ART:sync aims to provide a space for artists to share ideas and experiences, to learn from peer support, and to progress their career ambitions in a supportive and challenging environment.   We operate on a project by project basis and in 2014 we completed an 18 month organisational development programme funded by Arts Council England (South East).  For this project we ran a series of training courses and seminars covering topics including Social Media, International Working and Fundraising.  Arts & Heritage also emerged as an important subject for development and critical debate, and we have forged new links with heritage agencies and networks in the region to pursue future initiatives within this realm. 

We also operated a small bursary scheme to provide financial assistance towards the cost of professional development activities for ART:sync members, including training and mentoring sessions. The bursaries have so far enabled members to attend exhibitions, performances, conferences and networking events that they would not otherwise be able to access. 

For 2015 we linked up with Brighton Fringe to launch the 'Irene Mensah Artists' Bursary' in honour of our dearly departed friend and colleague.  Cash awards were made available to individual artists or artist collectives to help cover the cost of developing creative projects for participation in Brighton Fringe; including costs for costumes, instruments, artist fees and venue hire for performance, rehearsal or studio space.  We're very pleased to announce that the Irene Mensah Artists Bursary will now also be available for Brighton Fringe 2016 - full details will be available on the Fringe website.

Also in Irene's honour, throughout 2015 we have developed "Crossing The Teas", an arts and heritage community project exploring international tea drinking customs.  Please check out the website for more details www.crossingtheteas.com.

Further information about ART:sync's vision, ethos and constitution can be found on our 'About' and 'Membership' pages. 

We are currently fundraising for our 2016 - 2018 programme so watch this space...


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