ART:sync is a dynamic network of international creative practitioners and arts professionals based in South East England; representing a diverse range of cultural, artistic and academic backgrounds.

Our vast talent base incorporates writers, curators, filmmakers, visual artists, directors, craft artists, actors, aerialists, designers, choreographers, spoken word artists, dramaturgs, musicians, photographers, sound designers, graphic artists, researchers, lecturers and more...

Our extensive areas of expertise includes Cultural Leadership, Education, Programming, Arts Education & Training, Arts Development, Project Management, Community Outreach, Diversity Awareness Training, Peer Mentoring, Organisational Development and Strategic Planning.


ART:sync Vision Statement

The ART:sync vision is to mainstream cultural diversity in the arts - making diverse artforms accessible to diverse audiences and extending the range of opportunities for participation and inclusion.

ART:sync Aims

§ To generate greater visibility and opportunity for artists of culturally diverse backgrounds in the mainstream arts arena.

§ To develop successful, inspiring and sustainable campaigns to promote the wider engagement, representation and participation of diverse communities in the cultural sector.

§ To advocate for greater equity in the cultural sector.

§ To inspire and support the professional and creative development of artists.

§  To secure resources in order to maintain and increase inclusive arts activities.

§ To increase dialogue and promote understanding between mainstream agencies and culturally diverse communities.


What We Do

ART:sync is currently striving to establish a a unique arts development programme, which will focus on 3 main areas of interconnected activity:

  1. Cultural Mediation - developing networks, providing information and intelligence, signposting services, brokering relationships, levering investment, commissioning/undertaking research

  2. Artists’ Continued Professional Development (CPD) - producing a highly specialised intensive programme of creative and professional development opportunities for aspiring, emerging and mid-career artists, featuring;

            a) Creative Development: creative workshops, master classes, portfolio/project reviews
            b) Professional Development: mentorship, leadership/business development, advise surgeries

  1. Showcasing Opportunities - developing a dynamic programme of performances, exhibition, screenings and networking events, to create new platforms for artists to present their work

Each of these 3 strands of development will be underpinned with cross-cutting themes of capacity building, creative enterprise, intra/intercultural dialogue and community engagement.  We are seeking to work in partnership with a range of strategic agencies and community organisations to complement and support existing arts provision in the region.

We are currently fundraising to try and achieve these aims, and hope to publish full details of our development programme in Autumn 2016