ART:sync aims to unite aspiring, emerging and established culturally diverse artists and organisations to ensure the UK arts and cultural landscape reflects the diverse, rich and vibrant talents of our society. ART:sync will highlight the richness of our British culture through positive partnerships and dynamic arts events.

ART:sync will actively seek to build relationships across a range of sectors that support the future arts and cultural landscape for a forward thinking and diverse Britain. ART:sync aims to empower our members and emerging talent by supporting artistic endeavour, developing leadership and encouraging critical debate. We will also create international links and contribute to the building of national archives.

ART:sync membership is currently free and is open to individuals and organisations. If you are interested in becoming part of the ART:sync network, please read the membership criteria below.  If you feel you meet the criteria and are happy to subscribe to our ethos then please feel free to email us for further information at: info[at] (please replace [at] with @)


ART:sync Constitution

1.            Name:  “ART:sync” hereafter referred to as the Association
2.            Status:  The Association is an unincorporated, not-for profit group
3.            Objects and Powers:  The core objectives of the Association are: -

  • To generate greater visibility and opportunity for artists of culturally diverse backgrounds in the mainstream arts arena. 
  • To develop successful, inspiring and sustainable campaigns to promote the wider engagement, representation and participation of diverse communities in the cultural sector. 
  • To advocate for greater equity in the cultural sector. 
  • To inspire and support the professional and creative development of artists. 
  • To secure resources in order to maintain and increase inclusive arts activities.
  • To increase dialogue and promote understanding between mainstream agencies and culturally diverse communities.

4.   Membership:   
Membership of ART:sync is currently free of charge and has three main categories - Founder, Associate and Affiliate.  All members will be invited to attend the AGM;

  • Founder Members - the original 18 members of the amalgamated Brighton ART:sync collective and Sustained Theatre South East Hub; representing organisations and individual cultural practitioners who work and reside in the South East region. Founder members can attend the AGM and have full voting rights. (A list of the Founder Members can be found at the end of this document).
  • Associate Members - can attend the AGM and have voting rights.  Associate Membership is available to the following:
    i) South East- based organisations with a demonstrable commitment to cultural diversity, which is reflected in the make-up of their leadership and workforce
    ii) South East- based organisations with a strong representation of culturally diverse creative products on their annual programme.
    iii) South East-based organisations and individual cultural practitioners who subscribe to the ART:sync ethos of equality and mainstreaming diversity within the arts
  • Affiliate Members – can attend the AGM but have no voting rights. Affiliate Membership is available to the following:
    i) organisations from outside the South East region with a demonstrable commitment to cultural diversity, which is reflected in the make-up of their leadership and workforce
    ii) organisations and individual cultural practitioners from outside the South East region who subscribe to the ART:sync ethos of equality and mainstreaming diversity within the arts

5.            The Management Committee:

At the Annual General Meeting, elections shall be held for the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary and a minimum of one other officer of the Management Committee. The Management Committee can elected from suitably qualified professionals and committed members of ART:sync who nominate themselves. 
The Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary shall serve for a minimum period of one year and a maximum of two years and shall have an automatic seat on the Management Committee.  The Management Committee shall consist of not more than ten members including the above named officers.  The Management Committee shall meet at least once every three months.
The Management Committee shall be responsible for the general management and administration of the Association between general meetings and shall implement decisions at all meetings.
6.            Meetings:
Annual General Meetings will take place in October each year.  A report shall be presented by the Management Committee outlining activities over the previous year. This report shall include a statement of the Association’s finances.
Business for the annual general meeting shall be determined in time and be included in the advance notification of that meeting.  Any member of the Management Committee may call a meeting at any time provided they notify the Chair at least fourteen days in advance who shall be responsible for organising any such meetings. 
Extraordinary General Meetings shall be made known to all members of the Association with 5 days of notification, via email.
Ordinary General Meetings will be held every 3 months, details to be made known within 14 days.
All members shall be notified of all meetings in advance and in writing or whichever medium best suits the members needs.
All members must comply with the Articles of Association. This document sets out the rules for the running and regulation of the company's internal affairs.
8.            Finance:
The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate records of any income and expenditure and shall present a full financial statement annually or as requested by the Management Committee.  A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association should the Association choose to raise funds for specific projects.  All cheque payments must be authorised by a minimum of 2 signatories who must be Members of the Management Committee or ART:sync personnel.
9.            Conduct:

All Members are required to uphold the co-operative and friendly ethos of ART:sync and to preserve confidentiality. Failure to abide by the ART:sync Constitution will result in withdrawal of membership.
10.            Changes to the Constitution:
Alterations to this Constitution shall receive the assent of two-thirds of the Management Committee present at the voting meeting.  The Administrator must receive any notice of such an alteration 21 days before the meeting at which the alteration is to be proposed.  At least 14 days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Secretary of the Management Committee and must include notification of the alteration proposed.
11.            Dissolution of the Association:
If the Management Committee by a simple majority decide at any time that on the ground of expense or otherwise it is necessary to dissolve the Association, it shall call a meeting of all members of the Association to vote. 21 days notice shall be given, (stating the terms of the Resolution to be proposed thereat) If such a decision shall be confirmed by a simple (two thirds majority of those present) and voting at such a meeting the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or on behalf of the Association.  Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other not-for-profit institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Association as the Committee may determine.


ART:sync Founder Members:

Akila Monika Richards
Amantha Edmead
Euton Daley
Indy Hunjan
Jenni Lewin-Turner
John Sailsman
Kerri McClean
Nigel Ryan
Odi Oquosa
Philippa Vafadari
Rikki Tarascas
Vinod Desai
Yasmin Gurreeboo
Yaw Asiyama
Irene Mensah
Natasha Ba-Abdullah
Ruth Price
Wayne James

Associate Members
Christina Peake
Jaswinder Prince